is an engineering company specialising in Precision Machining. We work to meet our customers’ needs, optimising the manufacturing processes. Our parts are manufactured within the most demanding dimensional and geometrical tolerances required by our customers.

The wide variety of sectors in which we work together with renowned customers endorses our activity: Transmission and coupling systems, process engineering, valve manufacturers, railway industry, paper industry, machine-tools, food products sector, engine manufacturers…


· To lead the market in the field of Precision Machining and be recognised for the quality and good service of our products at competitive prices.
· To meet our customers’ needs.
· To collaborate with our customers in the solution of their technical problems.
· Incorporation of new technologies and production techniques.
· To contribute to the training of the professionals of tomorrow.

It is often difficult to find a reliable supplier that provides cutting-edge technology with quality and precision guarantee, as well as flexible and adaptable to the customer’s needs. In KAMOX, all these requirements are rigorously fulfilled.

We are prepared for meeting the current market demand, offering quality machining with an optimal service level and the best value for money. With the objective of being a reliable supplier and meeting all our customers’ needs, the management of the organisation decided to a Quality Management System(ISO 9002:2015). Thus, KAMOX spreads the will of satisfying our customers’ needs, as well as the firm’s commitment to continuous improvement.


KAMOX Precision Machining S.L. has facilities of 2,000 m2 of which 1,300 m2 are used for the production plant, 450 m2 for the raw material and finished product warehouse and 200 m2 for offices.

As far as CNC technology is concerned, all our machines are of the prestigious
DMG MORI SEIKI brand, a world leader in innovation.

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